Aw: Mal vegetarisch..

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Geschrieben von Aleph am 23. November 2000 20:34:24:

Als Antwort auf: Mal vegetarisch.. geschrieben von Harry am 23. November 2000 16:02:25:

Was Natalie zu Thanksgiving wirklich verspeist, hat sie David Letterman bei ihrem dritten Besuch erklärt:

[Letterman] "...special meal for you?"

[Natalie] "Yeah.. I mean.. I have, like, the cranberrie sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, and stuffing she (her mom) makes by (..) ... I think it's generally, you know, stuffing... they, like, stuff it up the turkey's butt and, like, let the juices all flowin'.."

[Letterman] "Well... butt? Really? Butt? Paul... up the butt? Is that really..."

[Natalie] *giggles*

[Paul] "Can you say that on tv?"

[Natalie] *still giggling like mad*

[Lettermann] "Well.. I.. I don't... forget what you can say... is that really what they do?"

[Paul] "I don't know..."

[Letterman] "That's what happened? I had to talk to mom about that..."



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