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Geschrieben von Aleph am 30. Dezember 2000 01:14:05:

Zitat von, News vom 29. Dezember 2000:

> And lastly, it seems the webmaster of (the german
> nat site) is no longer a fan of hers. Not only that but he is apparently also
> dissing her. My german is a bit rusty but see for yourselves. It's sad when
> that happens. Most nat fans think they are in love with her at one point.
> They then either realise that it's not love but there is still so much to
> admire in her...or they swing the other way completely and come to hate
> her. Oh well.
> PS - Sanjiro is the exception. He still loves her. But he's her soulmate so
> it's ok :-)



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